Top headlines /v2/top-headlines

This endpoint provides live top and breaking headlines for a country, specific category in a country, single source, or multiple sources. You can also search with keywords. Articles are sorted by the earliest date published first.

This endpoint is great for retrieving headlines for use with news tickers or similar.

Request parameters

  • apiKey required

    Your API key. Alternatively you can provide this via the X-Api-Key HTTP header.

  • country

    The 2-letter ISO 3166-1 code of the country you want to get headlines for. Possible options: aearataubebgbrcachcncocuczdeegfrgbgrhkhuidieilinitjpkrltlvmamxmyngnlnonzphplptrorsrusasesgsiskthtrtwuausveza. Note: you can't mix this param with the sources param.

  • category

    The category you want to get headlines for. Possible options: businessentertainmentgeneralhealthsciencesportstechnology. Note: you can't mix this param with the sources param.

  • sources

    A comma-seperated string of identifiers for the news sources or blogs you want headlines from. Use the /top-headlines/sources endpoint to locate these programmatically or look at the sources index. Note: you can't mix this param with the country or category params.

  • q

    Keywords or a phrase to search for.

  • pageSize int

    The number of results to return per page (request). 20 is the default, 100 is the maximum.

  • page int

    Use this to page through the results if the total results found is greater than the page size.

Response object

  • status string

    If the request was successful or not. Options: ok, error. In the case of error a code and message property will be populated.

  • totalResults int

    The total number of results available for your request.

  • articles array[article]

    The results of the request.

    • source object

      The identifier id and a display name name for the source this article came from.

    • author string

      The author of the article

    • title string

      The headline or title of the article.

    • description string

      A description or snippet from the article.

    • url string

      The direct URL to the article.

    • urlToImage string

      The URL to a relevant image for the article.

    • publishedAt string

      The date and time that the article was published, in UTC (+000)

    • content string

      The unformatted content of the article, where available. This is truncated to 200 chars.

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