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For all development and testing of personal or commercial projects.

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per month, billed monthly

For production and published commercial projects.

For large and enterprise projects that require exceptional resources and support.

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250,000 requests per month included 2,000,000 requests per month included
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What is a request?

Any single HTTP request to any of our endpoints counts as a single request. The parameters or modifiers you provide, or the number of results you get back, do not affect your request count.

What usage does the Developer plan permit?

The Developer plan may be used for development and testing in a development environment only, and cannot be used in a staging or production environment (including internally). When the API is used outside of a development environment an upgrade to one of our subscriptions will be required to continue using the API.

Is the full article content available with any plan?

No, unfortunately we cannot provide the full content with our search results.

What happens if I exceed my monthly quota?

You will be alerted ahead of time if you are going to exceed your quota. Then you can decide whether to be automatically billed for excess usage, or to pause usage until the next billing cycle.

Can I pay via invoice and ACH/bank transfer?

Yes! For annual subscriptions we can accept these payment methods.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course! When you cancel, your plan will run until the end of the current paid period and you won't be charged again.