Sources /v2/top-headlines/sources

This endpoint returns the subset of news publishers that top headlines (/v2/top-headlines) are available from. It's mainly a convenience endpoint that you can use to keep track of the publishers available on the API, and you can pipe it straight through to your users.

Request parameters

  • apiKey required

    Your API key. Alternatively you can provide this via the X-Api-Key HTTP header.

  • category

    Find sources that display news of this category. Possible options: businessentertainmentgeneralhealthsciencesportstechnology. Default: all categories.

  • language

    Find sources that display news in a specific language. Possible options: ardeenesfrheitnlnoptrusvudzh. Default: all languages.

  • country

    Find sources that display news in a specific country. Possible options: aearataubebgbrcachcncocuczdeegfrgbgrhkhuidieilinitjpkrltlvmamxmyngnlnonzphplptrorsrusasesgsiskthtrtwuausveza. Default: all countries.

Response object

  • status string

    If the request was successful or not. Options: ok, error. In the case of error a code and message property will be populated.

  • sources array[source]

    The results of the request.

    • id string

      The identifier of the news source. You can use this with our other endpoints.

    • name string

      The name of the news source

    • description string

      A description of the news source

    • url string

      The URL of the homepage.

    • category string

      The type of news to expect from this news source.

    • language string

      The language that this news source writes in.

    • country string

      The country this news source is based in (and primarily writes about).

All sources
Example response

Just Business sources
Example response

Sources in the US
Example response